Six of our favourite finance blogs

by Stratton Craig

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Whether you’re fighting debt and bad spending habits, looking to invest or just trying to figure it all out, everyone can benefit from a little advice and a fresh perspective on frugality. But with a plethora of financially savvy folk heading online, who should you follow? Start here with our list of top six personal finance blogs.

1. Money Crashers

The financial education blog for anyone who makes money and spends money, the guys behind Money Crashers cover all the greatest hits from money management to debt and investment. But they don’t stop there – they even go so far as to school you on real estate and how to start a small business, even picking apart economic and public policy that could help or hurt us. Their best piece of financial advice is as simple as their lessons on frugality: always spend less that what you make. If you don’t, managing your money will always be a struggle.

2. Nutmegonomics

Online investment management service is already recognised as one of the 50 most innovative brands in financial technology, but it’s their Nutmegonomics blog that’s got us hooked. Even a cursory glance shows their strategy for authority and approachability in action, describing it themselves as “personal finance with a twist”. The blog is loaded with digestible, user-centric content that works to answer the core questions without alienating readers with jargon or needless complexity. Some of our favourite articles include “How to quit work and travel the world at 50” and “How to make your toddler a millionaire”. It’s no wonder that we love writing for them (we’re regular contributors).

3. Afford Anything

A blog about growing wealth rather than pinching pennies, Paula Pant, the globetrotter, entrepreneur and investor behind Afford Anything is trying to teach you how to shatter your limits and use your finances to create freedom. Not for the avaricious, Afford Anything is all about ruthlessly eliminating expenses that don’t matter in order to spend freely on the few things that do. Pant’s whole theory is based on one very radical idea: “You can’t afford everything. But you can afford anything.”

4. Budgets are Sexy

“Budgets = Confidence = Sexy”. That’s the philosophy of J. Money; the anonymous mohawked silhouette behind Budgets are Sexy. One of the best-loved personal finance blogs in the industry, J. Money wants people to stop and “pay attention” to their money. Covering budgets, debt, family finance, saving and even side hustling, his wit and quick reads offer a much needed break from the more verbose financial blogs. This is the one that won’t put you to sleep!

5. Christian Personal Finance

A semi-religious take on personal finance, Bob Lotich is the man behind Christian Personal Finance. Despite the name, this blog won’t overwhelm you with pious messages. For the most part, it just offers practical advice, encouraging scriptures and wisdom to help readers make, save, grow and even give money. And in order to give, you also need to have. After all, according to Lotich, God didn’t “put us on this earth to spend money like we’re in a rap video”.

6.  The College Investor

An impressive financial resource for young adults and professionals, The College Investor is the classic Generation Y blog. America’s Millennial Money Expert™ and Student Loan Debt Expert™ (yes, they’re actually trademarked), Robert Farrington is helping Millennials get out of student loan debt and start building real wealth. A big believer in hustling to get what you want, Farrington will teach you how to side hustle, build multiple income streams and invest the excess to build even more wealth.

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