Secrets of successful email marketing

by Stratton Craig

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Recent research shows that e-mail marketing is stronger than ever and consumers are generally receptive of brand messages in their inboxes. However, the question still remains on how to write an e-mail that stands out.

The Econsultancy blog gives a few valuable tips on what to include in emails in order to make them work. The first thing that brands should bear in mind is that people often see emails while they are also doing something else, so the message should be simple, straight-to-the-point and easy to grasp.

Still on the topic of simplicity and informativeness, brands should make sure their emails are well-defined. Whether it is a welcome email or one containing data, they should all be separated and clearly labelled. Piling a lot of information into one message might not prove effective because consumers may not have the time or the will to read it all.

Consumers are sometimes reluctant to order online, even if they are interested in what a brand is offering. That´s why it is important that a telephone number is included in the email in case consumers wish to get in touch by phone.

Surprise is another key feature of powerful emails. A quirky and humorous message like´s “Has this email gone a bit Picasso?” instead of the usual “Can´t see this email?” can make a consumer smile or feel a little relieved in a stressful working day.

Finally, the personal touch can work wonders, Econsultancy claims. A friendly opening or a little piece of information that brands keep in their database popping up in the email (e.g. “Travelling to Manchester again?”) can make all the difference.

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