Plain English Day 2011

by Stratton Craig

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Today, the Plain English Campaign is celebrating its 31st anniversary with another Plain English Day celebrating the merits of clear communications.

In 2012, it looks as if many sectors will continue to feel the strain of the economic downturn, with budgets being squeezed beyond what was ever thought possible. Miscommunication undoubtedly played a part in leaving industries as we find them today, so when the going gets tougher, it’s important to ensure that the same mistakes aren’t made again.

In times of crisis, clarity should always be top priority. The majority of audiences are increasingly time-poor as well as money-poor. Ultimately, they want to know how you can benefit them and they need to know quickly. By fulfilling this, you break down the first communication barrier and open up the opportunity for real conversation.

Why not make a company-wide new year’s resolution for better communication as you embark on 2012? Even something as simple as reading over everything twice will help ensure that you always answer the crucial questions –what you are offering, how your audience will benefit and why they should choose your solution over any other.

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