Original Content Key To Improving Google Ranking

by Stratton Craig

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Even people who are not professionally involved in SEO marketing are aware of the impact Google rankings have on business and on traffic to a brand´s website. That is why creating an effective SEO strategy should be a central part of a company´s marketing efforts.

However, with the launch of the most recent Penguin algorithm many websites may have dropped on the search engine results page (SERP), making webmasters rush back to the drawing board, trying to figure out a way to improve rankings.

The key to what should be changed lies in the very essence of Penguin – it is designed to remove spam and websites that violate Google´s rules in general. This means that employing tactics like piling keywords, spinning articles or hiding text increases the chances of having a site penalised by Google.

In order to use Penguin for their own benefit, webmasters know that website content is the single most important factor. Businesses should try to engage users with original, informative and well-written content. Another important thing is that once the copy is ready, it should be frequently updated and refreshed.

Apart from poor content, Penguin also targets irrelevant links, paying special attention to where the links originally come from. Experts advise that businesses use links from trustworthy websites with a higher SERP ranking.

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