Mobile Users Go For Local Ads

by Stratton Craig

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Local relevance is a key factor influencing the purchase behaviour of mobile users, data provided by xAd and Telmetrics, based on research by Nielsen, shows.

According to the study, local relevance and local offers and promotions are the leading reasons for ad engagement with mobile devices, with two in three mobile users spotting an ad and one in three actually clicking on it. Brand recognition is also among the top drivers of users´ decision to engage with a mobile ad.

What mobile users are interested in is the location of a business, a map and driving directions, and a phone number. Up to 73% of smartphone and tablet users report calling a business and up to 84% say they looked for the location of the business and/or tried to access a map and get driving directions.

The results underscore the high importance of calls to consumers, who would like to get in touch with sellers before making up their mind to proceed with a purchase. That is why mobile marketers should make sure they include phone numbers in their campaigns, Bill Dinan, president of Telmetrics, says. Besides, local phone numbers present an additional advantage as they are more likely to lead to consumer engagement, Dinan notes.

The study also found that the timeframe of converting mobile users to buyers varies among verticals. Nielsen looked into the Restaurant, Travel and Automotive categories, which are among the top segments expected to score major mobile growth in the coming years, and found that 87%, 33% and 49% of users, respectively, intended to make a purchase within the day, with 85%, 46% and 51% eventually completing a transaction.

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