Making Your Voice Heard: The Balance Between SEO & Your Brand’s Image

by Stratton Craig

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For any company that offers their products and services online, visibility is vital. New websites are created every hour of every day, and competitors can open a rival outlet in minutes, for far less than it would cost to set up a physical shop across the road. Even larger, well-known brands compete against individuals who offer identical products and services, and it can be hard to stand out in such a crowded online marketplace.
Ranking highly on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! can be critical to the success of an online business. Whether you have a long-established offline brand or a fledgling e-company, you’ll use a certain tone of voice to appeal to your customers across all media channels, carefully selecting the most relevant words and phrases to appeal to potential buyers. Finding the right balance between the SEO copy used across your website and the unique sound that defines your company is often difficult to achieve. The words that you use to define your image and the words that your key audience will use in web searches will often be markedly different.
The more popular search engines use refined methods to provide the best results for each individual user, tailoring the order of websites by their location, relevance to the user’s previous searches, and several other factors – but the specific words that consumers type in still play a major part in how highly your website ranks. If your brand prides itself on low cost services, there’s little point in peppering your website copy with on-message phrases such as ‘affordable’ and ‘excellent value’, when your target audience prefers to search for the word ‘cheap’. Conversely, luxury brands that describe themselves and their products in extravagant terms may find that their potential customers fail to search for these words at all.
Simply adding more popular keywords that don’t fit your brand into your main website copy at every opportunity is counter-productive. Even if consumers reach the page, they’ll be put off by your inconsistency, and search engines are able to recognise this tactic and move your site further down their rankings.
We’re often helping our clients to achieve that perfect mix of on-brand yet search-friendly copy across their web communications, improving their placement in search results and driving more traffic to their sites. Our skill in crafting targeted SEO copy ensures that your brand will have a clear and consistent voice that’s heard by the right audience, and we don’t leave a single word out of place.

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