Making A Success Of E-Mail Marketing

by Stratton Craig

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Reaching both B2B and B2C customers through e-mails remains one of the most effective strategies in marketing. It may not generate as much hype as some of the newer opportunities but what matters is that it still serves its purpose, especially if used together with other channels.

Not surprisingly, one of the critical factors that determine the success of an e-mail marketing campaign is the content of the message. However, consumers´ attention needs to be captured right from the start to make them open the e-mail. That is why marketers need to focus on the subject line. According to Business 2 Community, almost two in three users say they open an e-mail if they like the subject line.

Statistics reveal that subject lines containing 30 or fewer characters have better open rates and higher click-to-open rates. B2B e-mails score very good open rates for subject lines that contain the words “profit,” “money” or “revenue.” On the other hand, the presence of words like “ROI,” “asset” and “industry” perform the worst, the website noted.

Once prospects have opened the e-mail, their interest needs to be retained. Experts advise that information should be presented in small chunks because the human mind is able to process it easily this way. Using bullet points and simple sentences and structures is recommended.

As with every creative process, knowing the target audience is essential. Messages should be composed and sent with their needs in mind. For instance, if marketers know that their prospects are very busy at certain times, they should delay sending the e-mail until later.

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