Knowing Your Audience Is Vital For Content Marketing, Expert Says

by Stratton Craig

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Brands should try to get to know and understand their target audience so that they can create relevant content for their consumers, says Julia Hutchison, chief operating officer at the Content Marketing Association (CMA).
Hutchison explains that relevant content that is specifically created to suit a company´s target audience may prove a powerful marketing tool that can hardly be matched in terms of effect, Equimedia website reports. By contrast, inappropriate content might significantly decrease a brand´s chances for success. To illustrate the concept of wrongly adopted strategy, she notes that there is no point in building a content strategy that has extreme sports as a focus, if the business is targeting a middle-aged audience.
However, marketers should not only restrict targeting to specific content but should also consider what channels their audience is more likely to be using. This will result in optimisation of costs and achieve a better effect, Hutchison adds.
Still, Hutchison points out that, when it comes to mobile marketing, functionality is the most important factor – even more important than content, because if consumers find the navigation of the site complicated to operate via mobile device or they are not satisfied with the viewing experience, they are likely to go elsewhere even before they get the chance to see the content.
Hutchison´s comments resonate with what many marketers have long been claiming – there is no universal approach to marketing that can work equally well for everyone. Instead, analysis of consumer needs and demand should be prepared and marketing should be tailored accordingly.

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