Kimberly-Clark Awarded A+ Rating In Sustainability

by Stratton Craig

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Sustainability reporting is an issue that many businesses have had to consider lately, following a number of important developments regarding the matter – from the recommendations made by world leaders at Rio 20+ to the UK government’s intention to require all London-listed companies to report on their greenhouse gas emissions.
Businesses that are quick to react are certain to benefit, experts believe. Personal care products corporation Kimberly-Clark is among the first internationally recognised brands to engage in sustainable reporting and has been awarded the highest A+ rating by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), after having met all 79 criteria, covering various aspects of business, including labour practices, economic performance, environmental practices and human rights, among others.
The matter of sustainability is of particular importance to the brand, as it specialises in the production of tissues and nappies, which are made using wood fibre. In its Full Circle report, Kimberly-Clark reveals what its sustainability goals are, what materials it uses and where they come from. It also presents plans to reduce waste, to produce more environmentally friendly products and to work with its suppliers for the development of a more environmentally and socially responsible approach.

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