Is Your LinkedIn Profile Complete?

by Stratton Craig

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Having a presence on LinkedIn is key for any social strategy. Being the biggest professional network, LinkedIn can play a crucial role in building your personal reputation, and yet according to LinkedIn only about half of all users have a completed profile, while the rest omit essential information, which means they are missing out on opportunities. Managing a profile requires some thought, and a little bit of knowledge of what space is available, so here are some of the key features of a LinkedIn profile page, as presented by Business 2 Community website.

1. Headline – this is where keywords and a short description of what you do is provided, with a 120-character limit.

2. Summary – more detailed information should be given, within 2,000 characters. Different types of accomplishments can be listed here.

3. Experience/Position Title – this part of the profile represents your official experience in the field you operate in. This slot only allows 100 characters.

4. Experience/Position Description – once again, a place where further information about your experience in a particular area can be added, within a maximum of 2,000 characters.

5. Skills & Expertise – LinkedIn only allows 61 characters here, so careful consideration of what should be listed is recommended.

6. Groups – each user can list up to 50 groups but they should be selected wisely because this is what competitors and customers tend to follow closely.

7. Education/Degree – a brief description of the degree, in no more than 100 characters.

8. Education/Activities & Societies – this is where an overview of anything that relates to the business should be included and the limit is 500 characters.

9. Education Description – a slot where specific information about education and how it is relevant to your business can be provided in 1,000 characters.

10. Additional Info/Interests – 1,000 characters for an explanation of any extra information on background that can demonstrate uniqueness and appeal.

11. Honours & Awards – a further 1,000 characters to list all notable achievements.

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