How to use blogs for boosting brand reputation

by Stratton Craig

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Marketers need to focus on content marketing for better brand reputation and using a company blog can be a powerful tool for this, marketing expert Nathan Yerian claims in an article for Business 2 Community.

In fact, a blog can bring up to 70% of the total traffic to a company website and making the effort to create a good blog is well worth it for a number of reasons, Yerian says. A blog can be a cost-effective way to reach new and existing customers, while at the same time it can have a positive impact on the company´s search engine rankings.

Here are a few tips on how to make a blog work for a brand. Marketers should know that with blogging, success does not come instantly. It takes time to generate a circle of followers who visit the blog, read posts and then start spreading the news. It is advisable to post updates as often as possible, even if not many people seem to read them. In many cases posting a high-quality entry once a week is enough, Yerian explains.

Having a content plan for the blog is very important. The first thing to do is decide what the goal is and then break down the path to the goal in small steps that each represent one blog post. Making a posting schedule is also important, because over time users will start expecting a new post at the right time.

Just like in any other marketing strategy, targeting the audience and meeting their needs is essential. Brands should know what their audience wants and what concerns them, so that they can provide solutions and answer questions.

Finally, experts advise that for successful blogging, brands should write like human beings, focusing on ideas and interaction. Consumers tend to trust brands that display their humanity rather than act like machines.

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