How to maximise the effectiveness of your social media news feeds

by Stratton Craig

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Many brands have recently experienced a drop in their ‘organic reach’ as the way that social media is consumed changes. This doesn’t mean that your brand is out of date or lacking relevance. A reduction in reach is also not a sign that you aren’t getting in front of those that really care most about what you are producing.
By following our clever tips and advice on how to organise your news feeds, you can maximise your organic reach without having to pay extra for adverts.
Know your audience
When publishing articles, tweets, blogs, photos or any other type of content, you need to make sure you do so when as many of your followers as possible are online. The analytics and insights available on Twitter and Facebook will show you exactly when your content is being read, which allows you to schedule effectively.
Top tip: Often the best time for posting to reach a UK audience is between 8am and 10am. People are either travelling to work or just arriving at the office, so they will likely be checking social media.
Little and often
There used to be a common belief that posting too much could annoy people and lead them to unfollow you. Well, this is no longer the case. Most people only spend on average 30-60 minutes a day on social media, so if you don’t post regularly, you will only reach those that are online at the time of posting.
Top tip: Four or five posts a day is normally enough to cover a wide timescale, but make sure you aren’t posting for the sake of posting. If you haven’t got anything worthwhile to say then don’t say anything.
Everlasting content
Re-sharing old content is a great way of keeping your news feed updated without having to post the same stuff on a regular basis. By updating old content every few months and scheduling it to be reposted across the coming month, you can hit new followers who may not have seen it the first time around.
Top tip: Posting between 10pm and 2am can be a great way of building up followers from different time zones. Your posts also won’t annoy regular readers as they are unlikely to see them.
The weekend is your friend
Just because people don’t work at the weekend doesn’t mean that social media goes to sleep. In fact, research suggests that more shares take place over the weekend.
Top tip: Include photos and videos with your written content. Facebook’s clever algorithms always promote content that is visually engaging rather than text heavy posts.
How do you boost the profile of your social media news feeds? Share your top tips by commenting below or tweeting us @strattoncraig.

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