How to make your PPC ads work

by Stratton Craig

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Creating an online advertisement that works is not an easy task, as marketers know all too well. A series of components have to be carefully stitched together to ensure that consumers see the ad, read it, click on it and decide they want the product that's being advertised.

Here are a few tips on how to make your ads work better and engage consumers, provided by the QueryClick website.

Advertising copy is the single most important component, as this is what acts as a bridge between the product and the consumer. Its main goal is to convince consumers to click on an ad when they see one.

There are a few basic features that pay-per-click (PPC) ads need to have. Capitalising each word is one of them, as this makes the ad content easier to perceive and makes it more prominent. Sentence structure is also very important. It is recommended that the ad consists of short, simple sentences, with the proper punctuation. This makes the content much more readable and leads to better click-through rates.

Of course, the technical aspect of ads is not the only thing to consider. While it may play an essential role in grabbing the attention of consumers, what actually makes them click on an ad is content. It is key that the ad contains a storng call to action, such as “buy now”, as well as a unique selling point like a discount or a special deal. Typically, the content should also include the keyword that consumers are searching for.

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