How To Create Successful PPC Ads

by Stratton Craig

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Attracting consumers´ attention and making them interested enough to click on an ad is no mean feat in today´s extremely competitive environment. That is why marketers sometimes find it hard to come up with innovative and effective pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Search Engine Watch website offers a few valuable tips on the matter.

First of all, the importance of the language used is paramount. For a working PPC ad, the language should be clear and understandable on the one hand but emotional and vivid on the other. Shorter is better, but make sure that the message is as clear as possible. Avoiding abbreviations and jargon typical for specific areas of business is also strongly recommended.

In most cases, using personal pronouns, such as “our” and “your” gives a more intimate feel and helps consumers feel more at ease. Overall, personification is a key tool for increasing click-through rates.

Another key factor to consider is keywords. Not just the keywords per se, but the intent behind them and what consumers might really be looking for when clicking on an ad. It is advisable to include keywords in the URL.

Last but not least, the ad should provide a clear offer and a simple call-to-action – “Begin Your Free Trial Online Now” for example is a suitable line to include.

Analysis from Search Engine Watch shows that using these simple tactics in combination could lead to a 313% increase in an ad´s click-through rate.

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