How does content affect your bottom line?

by Stratton Craig

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Research has found that conversion rates for brands using content marketing are six to seven times higher than those that don’t (source: Aberdeen Group). So how do the words on the page link to the numbers in the accounts? It’s simpler than you might think.
Ultimately, online content stands to deliver three broad benefits:
1) Visibility
Without content what is there to see? What is there for search engines to index and for potential customers to bump into?  To be found and be seen online you need to be publishing content.
2) Authority
You can’t ignore the online conversation. It’s an opportunity to build connections and be seen as the authority on subjects of relevance. It’s also an opportunity to educate potential customers about your products before your competitor does. You can use content to build your profile online, providing plenty of easily-found, easily-accessed content that your customers find helpful, thus making you the go-to expert for your market.
3) Engagement
When customers enjoy reading your content or benefit from doing so, your brand will automatically go up in their estimation. The more you can connect with them, the better. So content ultimately drives relationships, trust, loyalty and overall awareness.
But how do these things link with the bottom line?

  • Visibility > Site traffic > Conversions

Once customers bump into you and visit your site, you’re just a few pages of compelling web copy away from a conversion. The more traffic your content generates, the more conversions you should receive.

Stat that!
60% of buyers are inspired to seek out a product after reading content about it. (source: DemandMetric)

  • Authority > Referrals > Conversions

If your content has built up an appropriately authoritative profile, you’ll find customers come to you automatically. And you’ll also find that readers of your content will refer others to you as a trusted solution to their needs. Word of mouth is a more powerful tool than ever, so make the most of it and get people reading and talking about your brand.

Stat that!
According to Nielsen and Roper Reports, 92% of all consumers report that a word-of-mouth recommendation is the “leading reason they buy a product or service”.
81% of consumers research online before making big purchases. (Retailing Today)

  • Engagement > Relationships & Loyalty > Conversions

Whether it’s new or existing customers, if your content can successfully engage people it will keep you on their mind whenever they next need a product or service like yours. Disappear from view and they’ll quickly find a competitor.

Stat that!
82% of consumers trust a company more if they are involved with social media (Forbes)
70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads. (Kapost)
With over 27 million pieces of content shared every day, the opportunity to connect with your customers is ripe. Of course, the better your content the more likely it is to deliver these benefits – the key is to always remember that relevance is crucial and there’s a fine line between content marketing and content for content’s sake.

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