How a technology copywriting agency keeps up with hyperconnectivity

by Sophie Cole

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Tech is the one industry that will never grow up (in a good way). It’ll always be that restless teenager on the bleeding edge of new trends. And that’s exciting. Especially for a technology copywriting agency like us. The things we take for granted now, like internet robust enough to accommodate a 70% overnight increase in user traffic at the beginning of the pandemic, wouldn’t have been possible a decade, or even half a decade, ago. Now, we face a new challenge: capturing and keeping attention when the next ‘new’ thing is only milliseconds away.

What is hyperconnectivity?

At its core, hyperconnectivity is all about making it easier to connect. In the future, frontier technologies like low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites and high-band 5G promise to expand coverage globally and accommodate the estimated 20x increase in data use by 2030. And right now, advanced connectivity solutions like 5G network overlays, fibre optic networks and Wi-Fi 6 are making it easier to access the internet quickly and reliably across the world. These changes mean two things. In advanced economies that were already well connected, hyperconnectivity allows you to do more in less time. And developing countries can finally tap into the connectivity many have long taken for granted.

Why hyperconnectivity matters

The financial potential of more robust, more widely available connections is vast. New advances in connectivity could boost the planet’s global GDP from $1.2 trillion to $2 trillion by 2030.
It’s not just about money though. There are lots of other benefits to celebrate. Greater data capacity will allow AI-powered tools to help with diagnostics and treatment in healthcare. In the automotive world, it could reduce collisions and reduce traffic jams. And for retailers, it could enable a friction-free omni-channel shopping experience for both customers and staff.

Using a technology copywriting agency to create always-on content

McKinsey points out that lots of these technologies have been available for some years, meaning that getting more people ‘plugged in’ is crucial if they’re to be utilised properly and reach their full potential. But that’s not just a matter for the engineers. A vast sea of international opportunity is opening up, particularly for companies in the tech sector, and a technology copywriting agency can help the right people find and engage with your company by creating engaging and compelling content that search engines reward and new customers want to read.

Reaching billions of new eyes 

As more people get reliable access to data (it’s predicted that a billion more people will be online by 2022), many excitable new eyeballs could be heading your way. The more, the merrier, right? In the case of international communications, it can be a case of the more, the messier. Nailing your tech copywriting strategy for a cross-border, multi-cultural audience is a balancing act. You want to sound engaging and relatable without veering into culturally insensitive jokes. And you’ll need to dial up your capabilities to create content at scale without compromising its quality. Add into the mix accurate, nuanced translation and, suddenly, reaching a whole new international audience seems a little daunting. Thankfully, brilliant technology content writing doesn’t have to be headache-inducing. There are many different ways to reach a diverse audience, from online video (which is forecast to account for 80% of the world’s internet traffic by 2030) to social media to listicles and even deep-dive reports. And with a bit of expert help (ahem) you can produce genuinely interesting content to tap into new markets.

An insatiable appetite

We’re consuming more content with each passing year. But as anyone who’s ever been to a mediocre buffet can tell you, it all starts to blend into one at some point (personally, that’s after the fourth plate). Content will need to work harder than ever to stop thumbs and fingers in their tracks and draw potential customers in. A technology copywriting agency can help create a considered content strategy that focuses on topics your new audience genuinely cares about and prioritises mediums that are easy to consume and popular in your target territories.

A challenge worth rising to

Greater connectivity has the potential to do incredible things. As McKinsey puts it, “this trend could unlock greater human potential and prosperity in many developing nations”. Companies that get their content strategy right will be first in line to enjoy the hard-earned recognition of billions of potential new customers.

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