Halloween brings out the pun in everyone

by Stratton Craig

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Regular Twitter users may have spotted spooky name changes for some of their followers in the run-up to Halloween (‘Scarer’ for ‘Sarah or ‘Tomb’ for ‘Tom’ are just two) – and companies are following suit with aptly-named products.

One of the latest brands to take a seasonal approach to its marketing is Kellogg’s in Ireland, which has launched a ‘haunted’ vending machine for Rice Krispie Squares. Machines were placed in Dublin’s CHQ shopping centre and on the Institute of Technology university campus for unsuspecting snackers to use.

Two new flavours based on spooky wordplay, ‘Malloween’ and ‘Totally Shocklatey’, have debuted with the machine, which offers customers a ‘free Rice Krispie scare’ instead of a Square. On activating the vending machine and reaching in to collect their snack, users are frightened by a hand shooting out to grab them. The idea takes the concept of ‘trick or treat’ to a new and genuinely scary level.

Kellogg’s is by no means the first to start their Halloween activities. Asda has already launched an augmented reality campaign supported by the Blippar smartphone app, and Greggs is promoting a zombie-themed viral advert on YouTube.

If you’ve seen a Halloween ad or campaign that’s really captured the spirit of the season, why not share it with us? We might even feature it in a future blog post. Get in touch with us or tweet your suggestions to @strattoncraig with a link.

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