GRI presents post-summit report

by Stratton Craig

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The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has issued a new report that aims to summarise the outcome of the Sustainable Events Summit held in London earlier this year and to provide information regarding sustainability reporting.

The GRI is an organisation that works towards increasing the awareness of sustainability reporting and its uptake by businesses. So far the GRI has issued several reporting framework sector supplements, the Event Industry News website reported.

The new report includes various data about the event, including the distance that each of the organisers travelled to the venue, what type of transport they used and the overall energy consumption registered throughout the event. Other companies that were associated with the Summit also provided similar information. Supplier Sodexo Catering reported on the food available at the venue, stating that the entire range of products delivered included sustainable considerations.

A number of long-term initiatives that started at the Sustainable Events Summit are also presented in detail in the report, such as the Positive Impact vision for a sustainable events industry in 2020.

In addition, the report presents the results from a survey taken before and after the event to track the change in attitude towards sustainability reporting among participants. Figures show that after the summit participants were more committed to take action and 95% planned to implement sustainability reporting in their organisations, compared to four in five prior to the summit.

Other notable indicators listed in the report pointing to the uptake of the initiative include 1,425 Twitter followers for the Summit, 800 LinkedIn group members and more than 2,500 unique visitors to the website.

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