Google makes a change to AdWords, bringing integrated campaign management to users

by Stratton Craig

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A new integrated reporting system for Google AdWords is set to make life much easier for online advertisers managing multiple campaigns.
The change – which is being hailed as one of the most significant yet for AdWords reports – combines historic and current forms of the same ad campaign rather than separating each update. In this way, it’s possible to see this evolution as one continuous SEO keyword campaign, making it easier to see trends and patterns.
One other key update is the option to show or hide information for accounts that are auto-tagged. Users can link or unlink their account and campaigns to a Google profile, and any historical campaigns disconnected from that profile would then be hidden from view.
Bringing this data together will make creating, viewing and digesting AdWords reports much quicker for SEO copywriters and advertisers. The changes have already been rolled out, with accounts being updated in stages, and users are starting to see the impact. Google is putting these new features into place as part of their upgrades to enhanced campaigns, paving the way for much richer keyword reporting.

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