Frequency Of New Posts Should Vary Across Social Platforms

by Stratton Craig

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Social media marketers should be aware of the specifics of different social platforms in order to achieve the best engagement rates on each. This includes not only knowing their audience and the needs of that audience but also when they are active and how they engage with content.

In a bid to help brands make the most of the opportunities available online, Business 2 Community advises how often they should post on various social networks.

Brand visibility on Facebook depends on EdgeRank mostly, which means that the more engagement from users a brand receives, the more likely it is for the content it posts to appear on top of users´ feeds. This is why appealing content matters. Experts say that fresh content on Facebook should be posted at least three times per week and daily updates are preferable.

By contrast, once a day may be far from sufficient on Twitter. News feeds there generally move much faster than on other social platforms, so updates should be more frequent. Several tweets evenly distributed throughout the day would keep the brand visible to most followers, Business 2 Community says.

LinkedIn has been implementing a series of changes lately, making its feed appear more and more like the one on Facebook. However, new content should not be posted as often on LinkedIn and brands should restrict posts to a couple of times a week, when they have something important to say, such as industry-related blog posts, news and events.

These are general guidelines and brands are advised to test and see what their consumers respond best to, the website concludes.

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