Four reasons why your law firm needs a content editor

by Stratton Craig

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Wigs. Latin. Long and complicated terminology. There are few professions more exclusive and seemingly inaccessible than law. But law firms are realising that when it comes to marketing they need to get out of the antiquated courtroom and jump headfirst into a more modern way of communication.
From their bank’s website to the product information on the back of their smoothie bottle, today’s client has come to expect straightforward, compelling and engaging copywriting with jargon kept to a minimum.
By doing the same with their own websites and brochures, law firms could find themselves at an advantage over competitors. But what’s holding a lot of them back is not having the time and resource needed to overhaul their marketing materials and approach. This is where a content editor comes in. Here are four reasons why you won’t regret hiring one:
1) It’ll save you time and money
We all know that budgets are tight and hiring a content editor to write something you could probably write yourself might seem like a frivolous expense. But why spend precious billable client time to write copy that could be delegated to a content editor for a fraction of the cost?
2) You’ll stick to your branding and tone of voice
Whether it’s a webpage or a response to a complaint, any company worth its branding mettle knows to stick to the same style and tone of voice across all copy. But if you’ve got a number of people writing, even if they’re good wordsmiths (which lawyers generally are), you might find that their styles of writing are inconsistent and jar with your branding requirements. A content editor will review and edit all copy before it’s published to make sure it meets your firm’s branding guidelines every step of the way.
3) You’ll keep the jargon to a minimum
By hiring a content editor, you’ll have a layperson’s eye on all copy. This means that they’ll be able to spot any unnecessary jargon or overly technical language that your team might not spot. In essence, a content editor will make sure your copy always passes what we like to call the “Four Cs of legal content”: clear, compelling, compliant and cohesive.
4) You’ll get a content marketing strategy
So you’ve got some scintillating copy that hits the mark with your target audience. But what’s the point if it ends up hidden away in the depths of cyberspace for no one to see? A good content editor will stop this from happening by creating a great content marketing strategy. This can include making the most of social media to shout about your copy and making links with other websites to publicise it further.  He or she will also review the site’s analytics to know what works and what doesn’t, choosing and fine-tuning SEO and keywords to make sure your content is ranking high on Google and being seen by the right people.
The content editor will also work with sales and marketing to create a content calendar. This will take into account the best times to target particular audiences and which topics and themes are relevant for a given week or month. It’s an analytical and carefully considered approach to content marketing that will also allow your team to have a clear picture of your marketing strategy for the months to come.

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