Focus on uniqueness for better brand image

by Stratton Craig

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Success in business does not always come with having extensive marketing campaigns all over the world and trying to sell as many products as possible by all means. Instead, brands can be successful by finding their exact place in the market, defining what makes them unique and sticking to it, making sure they never betray the trust of their devoted customers.

Finding a niche and staying there is what works for many companies, according to Jasmine Henry, a specialist in content management, writing for the Business 2 Community website. In order to do this, companies should first identify their core values and decide what makes the business stick out from the crowd. Having done this, the company should ensure that it becomes obvious in its content marketing and reaches its customers. Focus should be made on that difference in future campaigns and various forms of communication over time, because changing the focus or the message might turn out to be a bad idea.

Next, brands should spread the news of their difference around. Experts say that even if a brand´s main target audience can be found on Facebook, setting up a presence on LinkedIn is just as important. Furthermore, if the general trends in a company´s industry do not reflect its brand values, it should not be afraid to challenge them — either by commenting, or by starting a dispute on social platforms. It is just another way to show that it is unique.

Making a brand unique may take time but once a company has managed to do that, the chances are it has already built a loyal following of consumers who know it is trustworthy and will stick to the company, as it sticks to its brand image.

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