Engaging content pays off with a purchase

by Stratton Craig

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A new study from Axxon points to a direct link between consumers´ purchasing behaviour and the content offered by a particular brand, suggesting that those with the most creativity are most likely to enjoy customer loyalty.

The research shows that both consumers and businesses would be happy to pay up to 10% more for items sold by brands that provide eye-catching content and a memorable experience on social media platforms. Over two-thirds of consumers would be more likely to make a purchase from a brand that offers content they enjoy, even if its products are between 5% and 10% costlier than those offered by rivals who are not that active on social media and rarely publish content.

The correlation between consumers´ behaviour and content has been witnessed by content marketers as well, with about three-quarters of them stating that such efforts have spurred a rise in traffic to their sites. Some 55% stated that delivering engaging content has had a favourable impact on their sales.

Nearly 70% of consumers who took part in the survey said they would like to see content published by brands and some 56% of consumers even express willingness to share private information in return for premium content such as white papers.

Social media was found to be the most popular type of content used by marketers, as stated by 88% of the survey respondents. The research showed that email campaigns were popular with 77% of the sample, while news articles were widely used by 71% of consumers and 64% liked to view blog posts.

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