It’s (Not Always) Time For A Change: Embracing Consistent Branding

by Stratton Craig

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While most people would agree that change is what drives us forward, changes are not necessarily a good thing in branding. They can often be quite the opposite – that’s according to Marketing Week, which says that consistent branding is a great addition to a brand´s reputation and should not be experimented with.
Probably the most famous example of consistent branding is Nike, Marketing Week noted; its slogan ‘Just Do It!´ is one of the most recognisable, together with its logo. The slogan has been in use for the past 15 years, and statistics point to the fact that this consistency has paid off. A report by the Center for Applied Research revealed that the brand increased its share of the global shoe market from 18% to 43% between 1988 and 1998. It also noted that a total of £198 million was spent on the ‘Just Do It’ campaign alone.
Maintaining a brand identity and tone of voice across various platforms may not be a simple task, but its benefits in the long term are indisputable. It helps to differentiate the brand from its competitors and serves as a representation of what the brand is all about. In fact, consistency itself is a sign that a brand is reliable and that it meets people´s expectations, claims communications expert Bjorn Von Matern. He’s the vice-president of corporate communications at The Absolut Company – another brand which insists on staying true to its identity. The more competitive the market is, the more important it is to stick to your story, he added.

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