Email Marketing Breaks Records In UK

by Stratton Craig

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Email marketing continues to defy all bleak predictions that claimed it would lose to social media and blogs. In fact, results from the National Email Benchmarking Report H1 2012 from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) prove that the situation is far from negative, as marketing email volumes have hit a new record high.

The DMA found that over three billion emails are sent on a monthly basis, which is a 46% rise in the number of sent emails. Moreover, the research shows that click-through rates have broken the 500 million barrier.

One of the possible reasons for this strong performance is the fact that more marketers are integrating email marketing with social networking. Figures show that 87% of social media marketers utilise email marketing, and almost two in three have plans to enhance their email marketing efforts.

Another reason for the increased volume is a general change in attitude towards email as a channel for interaction with consumers, which has led to a more positive sentiment in the industry.

Similarly, the research revealed that the number of email campaigns increased by 57% to 12,937 in the first half of 2012, compared with the first half of 2011. However, contact frequencies dropped and on average consumers received a maximum of two emails per month per brand. This is because marketers have shifted the focus to quality rather than quantity and understanding their audience´s needs and priorities, commented James Bunting, chair of the DMA email council´s benchmarking hub.

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