Delivering consistent messages across channels is a key issue for brand communications

by Stratton Craig

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UK brands need to be constantly alert when it comes to communication with consumers and B2B partners in order to keep up with shifting trends. According to a new study from PRweek, building trust, delivering consistent messages and dealing with the various media platforms are the most challenging aspects for business.
The survey collected data from 100 UK communications directors. Almost three in five quoted gaining consumer trust as the biggest issue in communications. Nearly the same proportion of the panel agree that keeping brand messages across platforms consistent is a hard task to manage.
Moreover, about three quarters of respondents share the view that the boundaries of PR activity are now blurred and it is merging with other areas of business like marketing and sales. As many as 56% say that the integration of communications is a challenge and 52% have to devote more time to work with teams and offices overseas because of the globalisation of media channels.
Designing and implementing a social media strategy is now seen as an activity that needs special attention and input from specialists. While 72% of those polled last year said that this task was delegated to PR departments, only 28% share this opinion in the new survey.

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