What the Queen’s bank tells us about content

by Stratton Craig

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A quick browse of the Stratton Craig website will make it clear that we are passionate about content – from strategising to writing and beyond. It serves a range of purposes – from growing brand awareness through to strengthening customer relationships – which is why it’s used by even the most well-established companies. It is also what the Queen’s own bank Coutts and Stratton Craig have in common, as the prestigious firm has adopted its own content strategy.
Content is more than a mass consumer tool
Loosely, ‘content’ refers to both on and offline communications designed to boost brand exposure, encourage engagement with customers and demonstrate knowledge of a subject. It may seem that Coutts’ own venture into this area of marketing is unexpected, given the exclusive nature of their service and established stature. What we can learn, however, is that valuable content is appreciated by all – including English Lords and Premier League footballers.
Added-value is welcomed by all
We all love receiving value when we invest time or money in something – it helps us to enjoy the product or service that much more. -Intelligent content provides value in abundance, and has emerged as a result of customers demanding more valuable insights from the brands they use. For many, the product or service itself is no longer enough to influence their decision to buy, with a brand’s corporate social responsibility and customer service initiatives playing a greater role. Coutts realise this, and their strategy looks past financial services.  For the bank and many others the focus is on building relationships by aligning the brand with the lifestyle of their customers. We can see this through existing marketing collateral from the bank, including the Coutts Index which charts the price return of 15 passion assets from vintage cars to wine and jewellery.
The content ‘so what?’
One of the biggest challenges when developing a content strategy is creating communications that are centered on the benefit to your customers, and are not simply a promotional wagon. The consumer asking ‘so what?’ must be avoided at all times, as it shows that a message has been constructed only from the brand’s perspective. For Coutts this is relatively straightforward, as its audience will often be motivated by ROI topics, for example. For everyone else implementing a content strategy, this can be achieved with an inherent understanding of your customer’s desires and habits, with the influence of a regal copywriter.
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