Content Matters For SEO

by Stratton Craig

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Content has always been a central factor in search engine optimisation (SEO), it is only its type and the way it influences search engine performance that changes over time. The Search Engine Watch website provides a few valuable tips on what content should be included on a website.
Providing relevant content always improves the chances of good search engine ranking. From a purely mathematical point of view, the more pages there are on a site, the more traffic they are likely to have, because the chances for adding more key phrases increase as well.
Search engines store various sorts of information, including whether a visitor clicks on a link and whether they come back to a page. This means that if visitors click on a link that gets them to a site, which they leave within a second, the search engine will store the information that this particular site is irrelevant to these visitors.
While it is nearly impossible that every single user finds a website relevant, including interesting content that might make users stay on the site longer is always beneficial for search engine ranking. This might mean creating more general and provoking content that can interest more users and keep them on site, as well as more specific and detailed information for those who are genuinely intrigued about what the site offers.
Whatever the content, it should be logically and clearly presented, so visitors will find it useful and come back for more.

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