Content Marketing On Facebook – Are You Doing It Right?

by Stratton Craig

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If you are working in the field of digital marketing, you are certainly aware of the content marketing trend and its influence on business. Recent analysis shows that consumers prefer to become familiar with a brand through articles rather than ads, and since social media is the most popular source of content for many users, here are several ideas, as featured on CMS Wire, that brands can use to ensure they are implementing the right content marketing on Facebook.

It is highly unlikely that brands will produce the perfect sample of content in their first attempts. Finding out what users will respond to and engage with is a trial-and-error process. Experts recommend that brands post frequently to make sure that users are exposed to their content and engage with what they like. If brands find it difficult to produce original content on a regular basis, they could share relevant information from other experts.

Posting at least once a day is important, so that the brand remains visible in users´ news feeds. However, even if the posted content is fresh and original the posts should be kept short and simple. Users should be able to glance at a post, get the gist and decide to click on the article.

Businesses should remember that a typical Facebook user has hundreds of friends. This means that brands are in constant competition with these friends and other brands for space in news feeds. One way to make posts visible is to use images and videos that will not only help users to spot them but will also increase engagement rates.

A call to action is valuable to encourage readers to share content. And the brand itself should share the content as widely as possible, using a variety of social networks for maximum impact.

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