Content is still king

by Stratton Craig

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With over 600 million websites live on the internet*, competition is fierce and consumers are spoilt for choice in nearly every search they make. In digital, one of the fastest moving areas of communications, we all know there is little point in standing still.

At the heart of digital communication there should always be a robust plan in place to put your clients at the top of the list – ahead of competitors – when consumers search for service-related terms.

From a writing perspective, Search Engine Optimisation is about more than stuffing web pages full of search terms. Although keywords still hold importance, the focus should be on generating eye-catching content. Regularly updating a website with unique, relevant and fresh content not only encourages Google ranking increases, but also engages the audience and keeps them on the site for longer.

Within the constraints of being found, it’s important that all content remains on brand and consistent in tone. As written communications experts, we can ensure your website is regularly updated with interesting content that engages both Google and your audience, helping you turn SEO into sales. Our services include:

Website copywriting – with a team of over 20 specialist copywriters, we are able to tackle websites of every shape and size
Copywriting for SEO – we can help with everything from determining appropriate SEO terms through to implementing them throughout digital copy
Social media management – we can ensure your clients’ social networking accounts are regularly updated throughout the day with interesting content that generates conversation
Bespoke news feeds – by gathering news from within your sector and tailoring it to your audience, we can ensure your news content is unique, relevant and always up-to-date

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