Communicators – are you still lying awake at night?

by Stratton Craig

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Last year, PR Week reported on what was keeping comms directors awake at night. They reported that 65% of directors thought ‘integrating communications across the business’ was one of their key challenges, with ‘communicating with diverse stakeholders’ a close second at 57%.
A year on, we hope that things have changed. Getting communications right is certainly a large task, but it need not be a cause for concern. Help is at hand for communicators, and it comes in a variety of packages.
Tone of voice development and implementation: many large corporates struggle to define and stick to a tone of voice. By looking at existing collateral and a company’s objectives, it is possible to develop a tone of voice that will leave a company best placed to achieve, and keep on achieving long after the hard work has been done. The mission is then to implement that tone of voice to ensure that communications are consistent across all company activities – this can require style guides, training and revisiting old materials.
Reporting strategy and management: when it comes to Annual and CSR Reports, it really is crucial to get things right and we’re sure that large reports can often be the biggest worry on a communicators mind. It can sometimes take an external resource to help pin down the messages that are relevant to stakeholders. Once those are determined, the key to a successful report is to tell an engaging story rather than simply reporting financial results. It’s a huge process, and with the pressure to get things right, a dedicated project manager can be just what’s needed to keep things on track.
Social media planning: some stakeholders simply don’t seem to respond to a lengthy report, but it’s important that their needs are met too. Social networking sites allow for speedy, direct and succinct communications, and importantly, they also allow for conversation. A great portal for understanding your stakeholders wants and needs, social media planning will help maximise a company’s exposure to an unlimited audience. The possibilities here are endless and it’s an opportunity not to be missed.
If you would like to discuss any of the services above, or the other ways we can help please contact Harriette Hobbs on 0117 9371 383 or [email protected] today.

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