Britons Spend One Hour Per Day Without Technology

by Stratton Craig

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People all over the world these days are keen on using new technology and thrive on all the opportunities it gives them to chat, research, work or have a laugh. Britons, in particular, are known for their affection for various gadgets, with a number of studies pointing out the fact that we check our Facebook profile first thing in the morning or carry tablets everywhere with us.
However, a new poll commissioned by discount code website MyVoucherCodes suggests that this love of technical gadgets may be even stronger than we could imagine. Results from the survey show that an average UK consumer spends just one hour a day not staring at a screen, listening to music on their iPod or just staying clear of any gadgets. This is something for brands across all sectors to consider when discussing how important it is to reach consumers via different digital platforms.
Not surprisingly, computers and laptops are the most frequently used devices and also those which Britons find most difficult to put away, with one in three consumers declaring this is what occupies the biggest part of their day. For nearly one in five consumers mobile phones are the most beloved item of technology, with 87% of consumers never leaving their home without their mobile phone. Other devices that capture consumers´ attention are tablets (12%), radios (7%) and games consoles (4%).

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