Brands Should Pay Close Attention To E-mail Marketing, Expert Claims

by Stratton Craig

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E-mail marketing should be given the same attention that companies would apply to any of their other means of communication, claims marketing specialist Dawn Strange, writing for the Peterborough Telegraph.
E-mail marketing is just as important as any other tool in a company´s marketing mix, so there are several things that need to be given a thought before sending out an e-newsletter, Strange claims.
One of the key priorities is to keep a similar look where possible. For instance, brands may design a newsletter template that is similar to the brand website, in terms of layout and colours. Customers will then instantly recognise the brand and relate to its familiarity, which boosts the chances of the e-newsletter actually being read.
Just as the look and feel of the e-newsletter should be consistent, so should the language. It should be similar to the marketing language used across other channels. Despite the fact that various platforms may be working for different purposes and looking to achieve different aims, it is essential that brand affinity is created and kept consistent. An e-mail is designed to complement other marketing tools and not exist on its own.
For a brand, it is important to make an e-mail stand out. The content should be relevant and engaging on the one hand but fresh and exciting on the other, Strange concludes.

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