Brands should adopt fresh approach to tone of voice

by Stratton Craig

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We all know about the power of non-verbal communication and the idea that what you say is less important than how you say it. Is spite of this, tone of voice is often overlooked by brands and by marketers, the Campaign blog says.
The majority of brands prefer to stay on the safe side and choose a tone of voice that has proved its effectiveness. They opt for a tone that implies confidence, positivity and trust but these concepts, albeit tested over time, often fail to provoke or inspire and they do little to give the brand a unique voice. In today´s competitive market conditions, standing out and making a difference is a key factor for success, so resorting to old tricks may not serve the purpose.
Instead, brands should develop their own tone of voice and should approach the task creatively, the blog post suggests. One example of an innovative approach to tone of voice is the tone that bread and flour brand Hovis has selected – a tone that is all about “grit and goosebumps.” These words are so unusual for a brand image that they immediately suggest detailed images of cobbled streets, coal mines and Great Expectations, Campaign said.
In fact, developing a unique tone of voice may sometimes rely on what we used to perceive as plainly negative qualities but that give the brand a recognisable personality. Take Ronseal´s bluntness, Blackcurrant Tango´s belligerence or Honda´s Hate ads, for example, and let loose your imagination.

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