Brands On Social Media Should Stress Fun

by Stratton Craig

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While establishing a presence on social media is considered an essential factor for successful business these days, it is not just a matter of simply setting up a brand page on Facebook or posting sponsored tweets on Twitter. Marketers should carefully plan their strategies to meet customer expectations and demand, which typically comes in the shape of entertainment, experts claim.
According to an article posted on the Hostway website, what consumers are looking for on social media is a fun and positive experience. This should include a combination of detailed information about products and a more light-hearted, personal approach to users at the same time.
Experts advise brands to encourage users to share their comments and to promote engagement, but also to try to avoid sounding too business-like and formal. Instead, they should communicate in a language that consumers use in everyday situations, as for many of them interacting with a brand has become an everyday activity. The main purpose of a social networking brand page is to create a community of people who love the company´s products and can recommend them to other people, so this presumption should lie at the heart of a firm´s social media marketing strategy.
However, brands should also bear in mind that negative comments are not only possible but very likely to occur. It is important to treat them with respect and respond as quickly as possible, as this boosts brand credibility and creates the impression of professionalism and transparency, experts note.

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