Brands, it’s what your audience hears that matters

by Stratton Craig

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Bridging the gap between your communications intentions and your audience’s reactions
It can be frustrating when someone misinterprets what you are saying. Repeating the same thing again (and perhaps again) only for them to still not understand… but next time this happens to you, spare a thought for the hundreds of companies that are stuck trying to make profits out of doing so.
Have you ever wondered how your clients would describe your brand in three words? If you have the means to do so, it could be an interesting study. By comparing the key words you would use to describe your brand with those that your audience use, you’ll get a good idea of how well your communications are working.
It can also be enlightening to compare the responses of your audience. Wild variation may suggest that your messages are lacking clarity and consistency. Or perhaps that your brand values aren’t communicated strongly enough.
And if you find that your clients’ perceptions are a little too surprising, the results will give you the perfect reference point for developing your communications.

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