Blogging, social media considered key to business

by Stratton Craig

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As blogging, social media and content marketing continue to gather speed and turn into central factors for effective brand promotion, the importance of written communication is increasing. In fact, a recent poll from marketing software provider HubSpot shows that more than half of UK brands have attracted new customers through their blogs.
Blog posting appears to be a major force for attracting customers and the likelihood of this happening is directly related to the frequency of new posts published. The survey found that 92% of brands that post several times a day have acquired new customers through their blogs, as have 78% of those posting daily. By contrast, just 43% of brands posting less than once a month manage to attract new customers through blogging.
A growing number of companies acknowledge the importance of blogging. One in four respondents defined blogging as “critical” for their business and more than one in three thought it was “important”. Social media is also becoming more important for businesses, with Facebook seeing the biggest rise, followed by Twitter and YouTube.
The poll, which interviewed 972 marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs and executives, shows that more than half of the respondents believe direct mail is losing ground and will continue to decline over the next six months. By comparison, just 7% of interviewees believe SEO is likely to become less important to business over the period.
A significant part of business success lies within the written word and the way businesses communicate with consumers. That is why properly written content is key to growth, the survey suggests.

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