Behind Cadbury’s Facebook marketing success

by Darren Clare

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There are brands that are so popular and well-loved that they hardly need any advertising at all. However, this does not mean that they can get complacent and just sit around waiting for their business to grow. Actually, if they do that, they risk losing their market share to competitors.
One brand that seems to be a perfect fit for social marketing is Cadbury. Its products need no introduction and people willingly buy them but the brand has invested hard in creating a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Econsultancy’s blog looked into the brand’s social marketing activity on Facebook in detail to examine what other brands could learn from Cadbury.
While the fact that Cadbury has a separate Facebook page for each of its core products, such as Dairy Milk, Creme Egg, Wispa, Bourneville and Hot Chocolate, may not come as a surprise, it is worth pointing out that each page posts its own content and contests. There are a few common traits between the individual pages, such as daily updates, ranging from recipe ideas to direct promotions. The pages enjoy good engagement rates, with each post generating thousands of likes and dozens of comments, probably due to Cadbury’s previous success in turning consumers into brand advocates.
Cadbury seems to be particularly resourceful in coming up with ways to engage fans. For example, the Wispa page is running a promotional campaign to celebrate its two million “likes”. The company has collected stats about its fans and is publishing random facts about them, for instance the fact that 58% of its fans wear glasses. This is a departure from typical promotions but is a very clever way to celebrate community and to engage users, Econsultancy noted.
Another extremely popular activity is currently taking place on the Dairy Milk page. An ongoing ‘Joyville Taster´ competition offers the winner a fictional job at Cadbury, the chance to visit the Cadbury factory, a year’s supply of Dairy Milk and the opportunity to be the first to taste new products.

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