B2B content marketing should be compelling and consistent

by Stratton Craig

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Creating content that is both unique and engaging is key to successful marketing, not only when customers are targeted but also in B2B communications. However, as more marketers become aware of the importance of content marketing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to create competitive content that can make a business stand out.
But just how important is content? Recent figures from the B2B Content Marketing Trends 2012 report reveal that more than four in five marketers have seen a rise in content marketing. Meanwhile, a growing number of people are accessing digital content such as e-mails and other branded messages via mobile devices, meaning that content can be reached anytime, anywhere.
All these factors contribute to a changing perception of B2B content marketing, making it more important than ever to create content in the form of “compelling storytelling”. This view is shared by Tom Ball, founder and chief executive officer at NearDesk, who says that having a great story to tell is what matters when creating content.
Whether B2B marketing comes as an email, on mobile or via social media, gripping content should be at the centre of a campaign, experts agree. However, there is another key feature to content – it should be consistent. Jeff Nicholson, senior vice president of Pitney Bowes Software, believes that sending fewer B2B emails but providing consistent messages can produce a powerful marketing effect.

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