Our favourite word-related April Fools’ Day pranks of 2014

by Stratton Craig

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Every April 1st, we’re automatically on high alert for made-up stories. Google never disappoints – who wants to be photobombed by The Hoff? – and plenty of other brands have produced their own pranks. We’ve picked out some of the best uses of fake product names and new words from this year’s bunch.
Thorpe Park becomes Thorpe Bark
Dogs love theme parks too! So says Thorpe Park, which is rebranding to Thorpe Bark and opening its doors to canines from today onwards. The rides will be adjusted for pooches to enjoy, and a five-star kennel is opening on the park site next to the Thorpe Shark Hotel.
Ocado launches the sLablet
For those who sometimes find it difficult to view webpages on their tablet, Ocado Technology has announced a massive sLablet with a 42-inch screen. It weighs in at a svelte 35 kilos and includes adjustable carry straps, so taking it on the bus won’t give you a hernia.
Warburtons announces ‘The Loaf’ skyscraper
London already has ‘The Eye’, ‘The Shard’ and ‘The Gherkin’, and now breadmaker Warburtons is moving into property development with the upcoming construction of ‘The Loaf’ twin scycrapers. This pioneering new design will be the first to resemble a perfectly symmetrical slice of bread, and the buildings are set to stand either side of The Gherkin in a delicious City architecture sandwich.
Have you ever wondered what Marmite and marmalade might taste like together? So did the makers of the ‘love it or hate it’ spread, and as a result they’ve come up with this interesting new ‘limited edition’ flavour with zesty oranges.
Owlculus Rift
Facebook recently bought the Oculus Rift virtual reality technology – and Hootsuite has barged in on the action with ‘Owlculus Rift’ for the most immersive social media experience yet. We hear it’s a hoot.
Were you fooled by any good pranks this year? Let us know in the comments or weigh in on Twitter by tweeting your thoughts @strattoncraig.

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