The sweet new smartphone operating system – Android 4.4 KitKat, by Google and Nestlé

by Stratton Craig

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Android is well known for naming their software updates after delicious, sugary things. We’ve already had Jelly Bean, Cupcake and Ice Cream Sandwich. For the next version, Google is teaming up with Nestlé to launch the first branded operating system – named after the KitKat.
The announcement came as a surprise to followers of the sugary sweet updates, as it was widely expected that the next OS would be Key Lime Pie. After hinting at this name, Google seemed to suddenly switch direction – catching everyone off guard. However, it’s been revealed that the two companies first discussed the potential collaboration back in 2012, and that ‘Key Lime Pie’ was a code word for the project.
One of the reasons behind the choice of KitKat is that ‘everybody finds it difficult to stay away from chocolate’ – that’s according to the sugar-laced web copy on the new Android site for the OS. The first ever collaboration with a confectionery brand is a key marketing coup for Google, and brings both names even greater recognition from consumers. In another unprecedented step, Google has claimed that no money exchanged hands in creating the partnership.
Nestlé is running a special competition to promote the collaboration, with Google Play credit or a new Nexus 7 available to winners who find a KitKat bar branded with the Android robot. The promotion is running in over 18 of their global markets, including the UK.

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