Ad of the Week – Yo Moma!

by Stratton Craig

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Have you ever made a joke at the expense of someone else’s mother? ‘Yo moma’ jokes are playground staples, and one of the most recognisable and prolific types of gag next to ‘knock knock’ jokes and ‘a stereotype walks into a bar’. It is, though, still quite rare to see them used in ads.
Moma! is a healthy breakfast brand that so far has porridge and bircher muesli on the product list. To promote these morning staples, their new ad campaign plays on the brand name.
It’s a bold move, because you might not find muesli all that funny or interesting in itself – unless, like me, you have a mother who can’t pronounce the word properly. (This also isn’t the first time I’ve written about muesli for Ad of the Week. I think a pattern might be emerging here.)
This fun and colourful ad turns the concept of the ‘yo moma’ joke on its head with some positive vibes. Using the words ‘Yo Moma’ also gives stronger ownership of the product to the customer with direct association, but the design and colours show that this ad isn’t taking itself that seriously.
And really, if you’re going for a ‘skinny latte’ from, say, Starbucks, theirs still clocks in with calories in the three-figure range. It does look a bit chubby when you consider it that way.
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