Recruitment ad of the week – Woto

by Stratton Craig

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It's not often an advert is only accessible to those that it applies to.  But that is exactly what blogging website Woto have achieved in their job advert for a digital intern.

The London-based company have written their job advert entirely in code and therefore anybody unable to read or write code is automatically ruled out of applying, which immediately sorts the wheat from the chaff and saves time sifting through unsuitable CVs.

The site only launched earlier this month and allows users to post a single page on the website without committing to a blog.  The advert gets right to the heart of what the job involves and also benefits from its viral nature with the story attracting over 1,000 shares on The Independent website and being widely talked about on Twitter.

Part of the coded message reads: “Woto’s creators are after a savvy tech/digital intern, to help them make Woto whirl over the next few months.

“The role will be a varied one and enable you to hone your skills in a number of areas, from copywriting to coding.”

As well as being fun and original, the advert has a serious message about the importance of being able to code.  Raising the question of whether you will be able to get a job without the ability to code in the not too distant future.  Indeed, as the new school curriculum comes into effect this year, computer programming will be taught to all children aged between five and 14.

Ian Collins, co-founder and chief of Woto, believes that coding will be “mainstream” within five to 10 years.  He added:  “A standard job advertisement would just not have been effective for this role.”

The site currently has a user base of 10,000 and is set to ramp up its activity in the coming months.  Once they’ve found a new employee who is able to decipher the code, of course.

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