Ad of the week – Westons Cider

by Stratton Craig

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Christmas present wrapping is a nightmare of a task that we know all too well. As many of us here at Stratton Craig go home each evening in December and get stuck elbow-deep into reindeer-patterned paper and tape, we found the new ad from Westons Cider wryly amusing.
A recurring theme in advertising for cider is encouraging consumers to work for it a bit. This Christmassy version by Westons doesn’t just inspire confidence – it’s resolutely cheery. Making comparisons between mental agility and scissors, and treating unusually-shaped gifts like a puzzle round on the Krypton Factor, adds to the fun and the brand’s sense of humour. There’s even a cheeky pun on the word ‘press’ to continue the wordplay right to the end.
As it’s an ambient ad, we can’t neglect talking about the typography. We’ve counted at least six different typefaces, and the centre alignment of the text enhances the symmetrical design. Clever flipping and skewing in the word ‘wonkiest’, a pronounced pointy ‘a’ in ‘sharp’ and the large shadow behind ‘endless’ are all really clever yet subtle additions to the visual appeal. They may even have an impact on how you’d imagine it being said out loud. The whole thing is superimposed onto a sheet of wrapping paper – the dreaded foe – and the bows, scissors and tape are nice 3D touches.
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