Ad of the Week – Virgin Holidays

by Stratton Craig

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We recently covered the latest campaign from Virgin Atlantic – and the extrovert brand keeps the fun coming with their new ‘Unleash your Mojo’ ads for Virgin Holidays.

The style of the bright and funky ads is inspired by legendary photographer Dave LaChappelle – and we have both Austin Powers and Cheryl Cole to thank for use of the word ‘mojo’. This fully integrated campaign, which includes TV, print and online ads, uses some gorgeous typography that stands out a mile. The huge images of sparkling pools and clear skies make us want to head for the beach immediately – so the ads are clearly working!

If you haven’t seen the first TV commercial, here it is

We love that Virgin is challenging people to let loose and have some fun with their next holiday, rather than book yet another dreary package tour or remote villa. It runs with the typical idea of taking a summer break to ‘recharge the batteries’ and get away from the daily grind, if only for a little while.

The initial TV ad was designed for families, and the next one’s set to entice couples with some cheeky, seductive slogans. As Richard Branson in a kilt and some printed undies proved, Virgin’s never been afraid of a good double entendre.

The brand is also doing plenty to get people involved on Twitter from their @VirginHolidays account. With the hashtags #mojo and #holidaymojo and some fun holiday stories, tweeters have been racking up points on the online Mojovator. The ‘Mojo’ campaign is expected to run for a year, so we’re expecting some well-timed new ads for winter breaks to show up later.

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