Ad of the week – Virgin Atlantic

by Stratton Craig

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Virgin Atlantic has a bold, brash image – and that’s exactly how they like it. The brand has been entertaining us with compelling creative campaigns for years. TV ads have included ‘Still Red Hot’, ‘Your airline’s either got it or it hasn’t’, and the most recent addition to the portfolio, ‘Flying in the face of ordinary’ . Though the content of the adverts differs, the unmistakably confident tone remains.

Such adverts have helped Virgin Atlantic earn coveted awards including CIM’s Travel brand of the year 2012 and Best TV commercial 2012, and Cimtig’s Travel brand of the decade 2011. Other brands like Best Western  have even parodied them, cashing in on the success of the ads while poking fun at them.

We love Virgin Atlantic for their distinctively cheeky personality. And by cheeky we don’t mean the young  tone of a brand like Innocent (not that we don’t love them too). Virgin Atlantic is definitely for adults – it’s stylish and sexy (with the help of some exceptionally good-looking cabin crew members), and it’s decidedly aspirational.

The latest tagline, ‘Flying in the face of ordinary’, says it all. It describes what Virgin Atlantic does (i.e. flying) alongside how they do it (i.e. extraordinarily), with a refreshing lack of faux modesty. The catchy line forms the basis of an equally sharp script, which plays on the superhuman qualities of the Virgin Atlantic team. The message? That their service always goes above and beyond in every aspect of the customer’s journey.

If you haven’t seen the advert, here it is again. It’s fun and unique, and we bet you’ll keep watching right to the end.


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