Ad of the Week – The Somersby Store

by Stratton Craig

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Apple is one of the most distinctive brands around, and the company’s bright white stores have become high street icons. They’ve also attracted a certain level of ridicule, and Somersby Cider’s spoof advert, launched earlier in 2013, offers our favourite example of Apple-baiting.
The advert shows the countdown to the opening of a new Somersby store, which is decorated like an Apple store. A group of people mill around the store, and then burst in to sample the latest product. Instead of the new iPad, it’s a pint of Somersby Cider.
We’ve picked out Somersby’s advert because the copy is clever, sharply written, and intentionally cheesy. It’s packed with Apple-related puns. A store worker picks up one apple (fruit), then another, saying ‘single core, dual core’. The tagline ‘less apps, more apples’, draws on the obvious link between the two companies, and lines such as ‘Move towards the mouth and interface’ and ‘I’ve downloaded’ really tickled us.
The final announcement: ‘and it works perfectly in direct sunlight’, pokes fun at the difficulty of reading a screen outdoors, while acknowledging the increased appeal of cider in the sunshine.
Having enjoyed the advert’s gentle humour and creative copy, we’re looking forward to Somersby Cider’s next offering. We can only hope it matches the first, which is every bit as refreshing as the cider they produce.
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