Ad of the week – Paddy Power

by Stratton Craig

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Paddy Power already has a reputation for cheeky wordplay thanks to their Twitter account. Their latest campaign, in association with equality charity Stonewall, is one that only the adults amongst us might get.

Stonewall is aiming to banish homophobia from football, and rightly so. Footballers and fans alike have been banned from matches for making comments and chants that are liable to offend. In the fight for equality, words are the strongest weapons that both sides have, which is why the new ads have such a great impact.

Ad lines such as ‘We don’t care which team you play for’, have a double meaning that brings sporting language into a different context. The beauty of this simple wordplay is that it highlights the issue perfectly without confusing those outside of the target audience – children, for example. If a younger person read the ad, they would assume the meaning to be completely innocent. Of course, those who know Paddy Power’s approach to copywriting will know better!

As well as rolling out the print and outdoor ads for maximum visibility, the betting chain has sent rainbow laces to footballers for them to wear during matches. Televised fixtures get some of the highest ratings in the UK, guaranteeing exposure for the charity and the cause. It’s not a wordy aspect of the campaign, but we think it’s a nice touch.

There’ll be another ad featured here next week. If you see one in the meantime that inspires you, makes you smile or makes you think, let us know about it. Get in touch or send a tweet to @strattoncraig with a link.

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