Ad of the week – Kenco

by Stratton Craig

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About six months ago I witnessed the genius of improv comedy troupe The Noise Next Door (TNND). They are possibly my favourite ever comedy act, so I was thrilled to see Kenco had employed them to promote its product, Milicano Sunlight Blend.

On Wednesday 7th Kenco launched a live, interactive online campaign that made the most of TNND’s quick-witted talents.

Having restyled themselves as ‘The Bright Tones’, TNND were challenged to ‘#brightenmyday’ during an eight-hour Twitterthon. Fans were invited to tell the The Bright Tones about their day and in response, The Bright Tones swiftly improvised to create songs incorporating the fan’s story – no matter how unusual or mundane it may have been. They created over 100 songs in total, and you can find the hilarious highlights here.

I may be biased, but I thought this was a brilliantly unique promotion. Kenco made great use of the power of social media – providing interactive, real-time consumer engagement. And what’s more, the entire campaign was built around words – from the bizarre and challenging phrases provided by the fans to the lyrical genius that The Bright Tones delivered in return. It’s a perfect example of the magic a good wordsmith can create!

The campaign played perfectly on the Sunlight brand name, undoubtedly brightening the day of everyone involved.

What’s been your favourite ad or campaign lately? Drop us a tweet or comment below and it could be our next Ad of the Week.

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