Ad of the week – Hiscox

by Stratton Craig

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Advertising insurance isn’t easy. Creating a campaign that distinguishes a company from its competitors, while appearing genuine to sceptical consumers, poses quite a challenge. Luckily, Hiscox’s advertisements are packed with the kind of copy that establishes real confidence in a brand.  
Hiscox makes home and business insurance interesting by talking straight. One advertisement shows a chameleon, alongside the statement ‘Why pretend to be something you’re not?’
Another poses the question ‘Ever met Joe Bloggs?’ followed by the clear, unpretentious body copy: ‘The average person doesn’t exist. So why settle for generic insurance?’
A third displays the brand’s slogan ‘As good as our word’, with the subheading ‘for a second opinion, see right’. To the immediate right is a graphic from Which? listing Hiscox as a recommended home insurance provider.
By using language that is simple and to the point, Hiscox positions itself as a highly professional brand, concerned entirely with the interests of its client base. The sharp, ‘less is more’ approach brings out the company’s desired brand characteristics: responsibility, trust and honour to life – three principles that are of vital importance to B2B marketing campaigns.
Simple doesn’t mean boring, though. A huge number of adverts are packed with corporate clutter, and Hiscox has the cheek to point this out with another headline: ‘Waffle should only be served up with syrup’.

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